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Research at the InnoRenew CoE

Research at the InnoRenew CoE is interdisciplinary by design and necessity. We believe the most impactful solutions we can provide through our research work must include positive impacts that intersect across different societal groups, environmental concerns, human health, and industrial efficiency. The InnoRenew CoE has 5 research groups, supported by a data science team and a technology transfer group. We publish open data and publications in our Zenodo community.

Research groups

Human health in the built environment

Ensuring human health, safety, and accessibility are protected and enhanced in the built environment.

Wood Modification

Enhancing properties, extending life, and creating new functionality through advanced processing.

Renewable materials composites

Creating new RM-based and hybrid materials that extend product life, enhance functionality, and create better products for buildings and consumers.

Sustainable building with renewable materials

Using timber and other renewable materials, in combination with other materials, to create safe, environmentally, and socially responsible buildings that meet the needs of all users.

ICT in renewable materials and sustainable building

Enhancing buildings, industries, safety, and wellbeing through the use of digital technologies including BIM, optimisation, modelling, sensors, as well as data collection, management, and analysis.

Experimental Design and Data Analysis

Gaining insight and intelligence from data, and ensuring safe, secure, and appropriate analytics of experiments.

Technology Transfer

Ensuring our best work reaches a wide and diverse audience in schools, the scientific community, industry, and the public.

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