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The InnoRenew CoE offers a range of services including performing basic and applied research, training and supporting industry members to utilise RDI in their businesses, helping companies develop new, modern business models, and assisting companies in winning research and business development funding through national and international funding opportunities such as the Horizon Europe SME calls.

We are eager to partner with other research institutes, companies, and academic institutes for international and national research projects from various funding sources.

Our areas of expertise include wood modification, human health, ICT use in the forest and construction sectors, sustainable building with renewable materials, and data oriented services.

Partnering for public calls

The InnoRenew CoE is ready to join your project consortium to add our expertise across the forest products value chain from materials research, to industrial optimization, building with wood, environmental impacts, and human health.

E-mail for more information.

Assisting SME’s in public funding

SME’s may apply for funding from a variety of calls for proposals specifically designed for them under Horizon Europe programme. If you are interested in growing your business this way, we will be glad to assess your plans and help you determine if the Horizon Europe SME instrument is right for you. If it is, we can help you prepare your proposal and work with you to implement the project when you are successful.

E-mail for more information.

Other services

As the InnoRenew CoE grows we will expand our services to provide a wider variety of industrial research, training, and consulting services. If you need help with a project, or want to learn more about the availability of these services now, please e-mail