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Living Lab InnoRenew: User-Centered Innovation and Development

Living Lab InnoRenew is a user-centred organisation that fosters a culture of open innovation and develops new value chains and business models that meet user-identified needs. Users directly contribute to value creation and are integral to the development process through Living Lab activities. Living Lab InnoRenew provides an opportunity for members to work together to jointly develop new ideas, products and services; collaborate and interact with InnoRenew CoE and its partners and exchange knowledge about research and development in the field.

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Scientific Excellence

Living Lab InnoRenew accelerates Slovenia’s development of scientific excellence in a wide range of fields related to renewable materials:

wood products construction biology polymers social sciences computing mathematics psychology kinesiology modeling simulation

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Living Lab InnoRenew is open to all private and public institutions or individuals. If you want to learn more, please contact us at coe(at)innorenew(dot)eu.

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