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Acoustic Laboratory

The Acoustic Properties Laboratory is fully equipped to perform research in architectural and building acoustics, noise control, structural dynamics, and vibrations.

Characterization Laboratory

The Characterization Laboratory offers morphological, physicochemical, and rheological characterization of bio-based materials.

Composites Laboratory

The Composites Laboratory houses equipment for the preparation of bio-based composite materials.

Advanced Manufacturing and Digital Transformation Laboratory

The Advanced Manufacturing laboratory is a technological hub providing scientific support for a broad range of bio-based businesses as they adapt to Industry 4.0 and beyond.

Human Health Laboratory

The Human Health Laboratory is designed to assess human well-being and performance under different indoor environmental conditions.

Microscopy Laboratory

The Microscopy Laboratory has microscopes and sample preparation devices to analyze a range of materials at micro- and nanoscale.

Physical Testing Laboratory

The Physical Testing Laboratory can assess the static, dynamic, and creep behavior of elastic, plastic, and viscoelastic materials as well as perform in situ testing of the built environment.

Workshop and Machine Shop

The Workshop and Machine Shop is a service provider for other laboratories, enabling in-house preparation, conditioning, and storage of experimental samples and prototypes.

Engineered Living Materials Laboratory

Engineered Living Materials Laboratory implements biomimetic principles for the development of new materials and modification processes.