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Characterization Laboratory

The Characterization Laboratory offers complex, multiscale characterization of bio-based materials. State-of-the-art instrumentation is available for acquiring spatial, chemical, and time domain information through routine materials characterization and customized methods. This laboratory has preparation tools to pre-process materials for measurement and can perform solvent, distillation, pressing, and sublimation methods of extraction. Target compounds can be separated by flash and column chromatography, solvent evaporation or filtration, freeze-drying or heating, and ultrasonic treatments. This lab has instruments for comprehensive characterization of bioactive compounds and flash preparative and purification chromatography for challenging applications.  Semi- or nondestructive techniques allow for characterization of hygroscopic properties, contact angle, surface tension, chemical composition, thermal stability, roughness, and color. Spectroscopic equipment is available for measurement and performance evaluation of materials, both in lab and in situ. Software for advanced data mining and development of chemometric models can be used for prediction of materials properties.

Photo: Miran Kambič