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InnoRenew CoE is an independent research institute established in 2017 through the InnoRenew project. Research targets renewable materials and sustainable buildings, specifically innovative approaches to wood and its use, with the goal of transferring scientific knowledge into industrial practice. InnoRenew CoE’s international, interdisciplinary team of scientists and professionals is available for independent consultation, project work or Living Lab InnoRenew collaboration.


InnoRenew CoE sees solutions to the climate crisis in the science of buildings and materials; however, many challenges remain: addressing sustainability in building construction, operation and use; optimising renewable materials; understanding human patterns of behaviour within the built environment; improving occupant well-being and enhancing social cohesion.

Confronting these challenges through interdisciplinary science will allow us to construct a built environment that is sustainable, healthy and supports society’s growing need for advanced building and renovation techniques.

Success in this endeavour will be built upon InnoRenew CoE’s foundation of scientific work, creativity, innovation, industry cooperation and societal engagement.

Our vision is to be both a world leader in the interdisciplinary science of the built environment and a model for international research excellence, industrial collaboration and public engagement.


InnoRenew CoE’s mission is to advance the state of the art and achieve scientific and innovation excellence through interdisciplinary science, especially in our two key research areas: wood modification and restorative environmental and ergonomic design (REED).

Key research areas

Wood modification

Thermal, mechanical, and chemical treatment of wood increases its durability and creates more uses in different products and enables the use of wood beyond the traditional applications.

Restorative environmental and ergonomic design (REED)

A restorative design system REED is emphasising the use of natural materials and is creating ergonomic, accessible, adaptable, and sustainable buildings. It has positive impacts on human health and wellbeing, and on the restoration of nature and coherent coexistence of people with the environment and the society.

CoE’s core values

Inclusion and diversity

We build on our inclusion and diversity to enable personal development, creativity and realization of ideas.


We believe that preservation of nature, environmental stewardship and sustainable development will advance human- and nature-friendly economic and social progress.


We have personal integrity and integrity in our actions to ensure respect and dignity within our institute and with our partners, collaborators and communities.

Pursuit of excellence

We pursue excellence in all areas – science, industry and community – to bring innovative solutions that address global issues of renewability and sustainability.

Open science

We are committed to open science and engage in the free global exchange of knowledge through open access and dissemination of our research and results.

Mohammad Derikvand


Sonja Jantar

Project manager

Bogdan Božac

Assistant director

Cuauhtli Campos

Assistant researcher

Karen Butina Ogorelec


Ana Gubenšek

Assistant researcher

Urban Kavka

Assistant researcher

Martina Vrhovnik

Assistant researcher

Nataša Bubnič

Human Resources

Daša Majcen


Richard Acquah

Assistant researcher

Sasikala Perumal

Laboratory technician

Albert Kravos

Assistant researcher

Mariem Zouari

Assistant researcher

Tania Langella


Lei Han

Assistant researcher

Jan Včelák


Niki Hrovatin

Assistant researcher

Matic Sašek

Assistant researcher

Mateja Erce

Assistant researcher

Silva Poropat Cek


Miladin Jokić

Building manager, technical Support

Kaja Kastelic

Assistant researcher

René Alexander Herrera Díaz

Postdoctoral researcher

Nejc Šarabon

Research group leader - Health

Edit Földvári-Nagy

Laboratory technician

Rok Prislan

Research group leader - Buildings

Josip Dijanić


Zijada Adembegović Hujdurović

Assistant researcher

Darjan Smajla


Jure Žitnik

Assistant researcher

Barbara Kotrle

Administrative support

Tim Mavrič

Assistant researcher

Nežka Sajinčič

Assistant researcher

Faksawat Poohphajai

Assistant researcher

Gertrud Fábián

Information Technology Administrator

Vesna Starman

Assistant researcher

Jaka Gašper Pečnik

Assistant researcher

Rudi Grahek

Technician - mechanical engineering

Erwin M. Schau


Balázs Dávid


Michael Mrissa


László Hajdu

Assistant researcher

Aarne Johannes Niemelä

Assistant researcher

Aleš Oven

Assistant researcher

Marica Mikuljan

Assistant researcher

Miklós Krész

Research group leader - Information processing

Aleksandar Tošić


Alijana Batič

Project management - infrastructure

Eva Prelovšek Niemelä


Nataša Škorja Djikanović


Dean Lipovac

Assistant researcher

Tine Šukljan

Information Technology specialist (head of unit)

Tamara Turk


Črtomir Tavzes


Lea Primožič

Public Relations

Jakub Sandak

Research group leader - Advanced Manufacturing

Anna Sandak

Research group leader - Materials

Matthew Schwarzkopf


Amy Simmons

Assistant researcher

Ana Slavec

Consulting statistician

Mike Burnard

Deputy Director

Kelly Peeters


Andreja Kutnar


Our founders

Organisational entities

Assembly of the Founders

Assembly of the Founders of the InnoRenew CoE decides on important strategic decisions.

Executive Board

Executive Board is the managing authority which provides regular guidance and oversight on strategic and investment issues.


Director provides day-to-day management, strategic planning, and implementation of organisational directives.

Director: Andreja Kutnar

Council of Experts

Council of Experts advises on the development of strategies and scientific challenges.

Members of the Council of Experts are:

Living Laboratory InnoRenew CoE

Living Laboratory InnoRenew CoE is connecting academics, researchers, industry members, policy makers, and users together to generate and validate ideas, products, and services.

More about Living Lab InnoRenew CoE

Primary activities of the InnoRenew CoE

  • M72.1 Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
  • M72.110 Research and experimental development on biotechnology
  • M72.190 Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
  • M72.200 Research and experimental development on social sciences and humanities

InnoRenew CoE is a proud member of these organizations:

We are proud that InnoRenew CoE is a member of:

  • InnovaWood,
  • European Forest Institute,
  • Strategic Research and Innovation Partnershi SRIP PSIDL,
  • Strategic Research and Innovation Partnership – Networks for the transition into circular economy (SRIP – Circular economy),
  • SIST,
  • Woodrise Alliance,
  • Wood4Bauhaus Alliance,
  • Built4People – People-centric sustainable built environment,
  • New European Bauhaus,
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia,
  • Slovenian Open Science Community,
  • Association of Employers of Slovenia.

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