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Marica Mikuljan

Assistant researcher

(MA) Marica Mikuljan is an assistant researcher at the InnoRenew CoE centre of excellence, in the research group Renewable materials composites. She finished her scientific master degree at the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana in the field of Environment science.

Marica has more than thirty years of experiences in the production companies and she was managing many research and development projects in the field of renewable sources, mainly in the field of wood science. She led the interdisciplinary teams in RDI projects based on the transfer of knowledge in the broadest sense. In addition, she is author of a patent.

Her areas of expertise include adhesive bonding, liquefied wood, thermal treated wood, living environment, development of wood products, wood waste treatment, degradation an recycling, wood composites, business development, and technological development.

 Her work is focused on research, development, and investments projects in the fields of natural science and technology, industry, new material, and implementation of innovative technology into companies.