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Development of new practices for forest property management and strengthening of all its functions

  • PROJECT TITLE: Development of new practices for forest property management and strengthening of all its functions
  • PROJECT LEADER: Stritih, svetovanje za trajnostni razvoj, d.o.o. / Črtomir Tavzes, PhD (for InnoRenew CoE)
  • PERIOD: 09.07.2020 – 09.07.2022
  • BUDGET: €2,579.31 for InnoRenew CoE
  • FINANCING: Republic of Slovenia Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food
  • PARTNERS: Marko Mahne – Nosilec dopolnilne dejavnosti na kmetiji; Izobraževanje, Tamara Urbancic s.p.; Društvo Lastnikov Gozdov Vrhe-Vremšcica; Volk Tomaž; Šolski Center Postojna; Žakelj Aleš; Volk Miran; Morelj, proizvodnja in razvoj, d.o.o.; InnoRenew CoE

This project addresses forest management on small farms. Professionally defined silviculture plans (SCP) for forest management units (FMU) serve forest owners as tools and guidelines for forest management. SCPs are prepared for individual areas as implementation plans with defined measures for a specific forest or part of it. Management of private forests is inadequate despite the available professional literature. This is especially true for small forest owners who implement SCPs to a lesser extent and without considering multipurpose forest management concepts or all forest functions. There are several reasons for this situation. Certainly, the main reason is that the forest is not the main source of income for small forest owners. Another important reason is that small forest owners may not have all the appropriate knowledge or information. In most cases, small forest owners do not know the data included in the SCP, nor do they know how to find it; furthermore, they do not have the appropriate knowledge to implement the measures envisaged by the SCP.

This project will develop practices for improving the management of small forest estates, which will be combined in the documents’ forest establishment plans. These plans will be formulated at an individual farm level and in such a way that SCP objectives will be transferred from the strategic level to the implementation level. Much attention will be paid to planning measures that strengthen all forest functions. The project’s main goal is to prepare and pilot forest holding plans for the four involved farms.

InnoRenew CoE project activities

InnoRenew CoE is responsible for sustainable development and renewable materials education, forest owner communication and promotion of integration into wood processing chains. Additionally, new, innovative solutions and possibilities for the use of wood will be explored.