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Perception and performance assessment in bio-based architecture

The trend for constructing sustainable buildings and the increasing environmental awareness observed nowadays leads to the resurgence of bio-architecture as an alternative to other construction techniques. The unique properties and natural beauty of bio-based materials make these products desirable for various applications in construction, both for structural and non-structural uses. While the low carbon footprint during extraction and production of bio-based materials is one of the main arguments motivating their choice as sustainable alternatives to conventional building materials, their performance over time (and therefore their sustainability in the long run) is sometimes called into question. For these materials to have a significant role in the built environment and in a new bio-economy, it is important to understand how performance of bio-based building materials is perceived by specifiers and final users and how customers’ perception relates to actual performance measures. This project is a great opportunity to perform cross-sectorial investigations and reinforce collaboration between OSU and InnoRenew CoE.  

InnoRenew CoE project activities 

This project investigates perception and performance of biomaterials in architecture by the development of alternative methods combining ICT tools with psychological responses. InnoRenew CoE is responsible for identification and testing of the tools for customers’ perception measurement, evaluation of perception of natural and modified wood and its change in time, as well as for the assessment of post-occupancy satisfaction and human well-being.