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Implementation of HI-FI sound systems in wireless network – WI-FI-HI-FI

About the project

One of the major advantages of Bluetooth and WI-FI connections in wireless speakers is the ability to stream music directly from the web using smart devices or computers. The market for wireless speakers that provides streaming from the web is rapidly growing. A smart speaker is a device that allows the user to connect and control the unit via applications on external devices. A smart speaker is equipped with software that is connected to the global network, from where it can access the information needed or requested by the user. With the increasing trend of smart-homes that are adopting home automation technology, more and more devices are desired to fulfil connectivity within the local and global network system. The advantage of using artificial intelligence (AI) technology is the facile operation and control of other devices connected to the network and broad access to information from the global network. Due to the increase of interest in wireless connectivity, as well as cheap and affordable technology, today’s market is full of low-quality devices. The problem with these devices is that their service life is very short. Design trends are changing rapidly, driving production. However, cheap manufacturing cannot provide good quality – in neither material selection nor sound production. Therefore, more and more people tend to use speakers that produce low sound quality and are made from artificial materials. On the other hand, this results in enormous amounts of waste plastic and noble metals, which present a significant burden on the natural environment. The poor state of technology in these devices is usually also very limited in streaming high quality music. To be able to achieve HI-FI-quality streaming, a device needs to be able to transfer large data files, which is defined by the rate of compression in an audio file. To be able to achieve this, WI-FI connectivity needs to be implemented into such a system.

The aim of this project is to develop a new system that will be able to connect HI-FI speakers with a home network to stream high quality music and turn the system into a smart device capable of using AI and voice control. The product will be implemented into a HI-FI active speaker that was developed by the company ARTS. ARTS is a Slovenian company with decades of experience in audio-video support. They recognized a gap in the HI-FI market – namely, the ability for these systems to stream from external devices. Imagine asking your HI-FI speaker to open a window shutter and make you morning coffee, while listening to your favourite song.

Project activities

  • An overview of market analysis, market potential and current trends;
  • Making a prototype system for Wi-Fi connectivity to the audio system.

Under the mentorship and guidance of pedagogical mentors, students will develop software and hardware, which will consist of a module for wireless operation. We will integrate the prototype of the module into the sound system and test it under various conditions, while checking the functionality, the user experience and the impeccable flow of signals.

Project partners

6 students:

1 industry mentor:

2 pedagogical mentors:

doc. dr. Jernej Vičič (UP FAMNIT);

prof. dr. Štefan Bojnec (UP FAMNIT).

2 volunteers: