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Underpinning the vital role of the forest-based sector in the Circular Bio-Economy (WoodCircus)

The main goal of the WoodCircus is to increase knowledge, raise awareness, and improve conditions for an uptake of resource-efficient processing and recycling in wood-based value chains, fostering increased competitiveness of the European woodworking sector. WoodCircus identifies, evaluates, and disseminates the outstanding good practices in process efficiency, wood waste collection, management, and recycling in the woodworking value chains in Europe, with a focus on construction with wood. Achieving a thorough evaluation of the overall system’s performance and a validation of the most relevant transferable solutions, WoodCircus produces sound, critical evidence and tangible decision support information for market actors, stakeholders, and policymakers. WoodCircus establishes a well-integrated network between wood processing industries and the waste management sector, engaging excellence for future-oriented joint promotion of the wood sector in the circular bioeconomy. WoodCircus implements the EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy and the EU Bioeconomy Strategy targets, ensuring intelligent utilisation of forest resources and sets up an interface to the EC Raw Materials Information System and the JRC Bioeconomy Knowledge Centre. WoodCircus is based on a balanced mix of leading RTO and companies with proven expertise all along the woodworking and construction value chains, including waste valorisation and associations at the local, national, and international level. 

InnoRenew CoE project activities

The main activities InnoRenew CoE are to lead the “Transferable Practices, Strategic RTDI & Policy Support Actions” work package, where the primary task is to combine the knowledge gained in other work packages and create industry and policy guidance on supporting the role of the forest sector in the circular bioeconomy. The InnoRenew CoE will participate in other activities as well, including information gathering, network building, and dissemination activities.