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Development of multi-objective optimisation algorithms for the design of buildings

The goal of this cooperation is the development of a multi-objective optimisation tool that considers optimisation questions simultaneously and provides multiple good-quality solution options with different possible trade-offs between these objectives. This tool will integrate mathematical modelling, combinatorial optimisation and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques in order to advance the ED method, ensuring de facto optimal buildings, performing at the highest energy efficiency and comfort level. Structural design procedures will be analysed for buildings of various types and uses, and a common group of crucial optimisation questions will be identified as a result. As these underlying optimisation problems are NP-hard, even independently, the integrated tool will most likely rely heavily on heuristics and metaheuristics to obtain good-quality approximate solutions. The efficiency of the developed tool will be tested both on artificial instance sets and real-life use-cases.

InnoRenew CoE project activities

InnoRenew CoE will develop the multi-objective optimisation tool, which will include both the mathematical modelling of the arising optimisation problems and development of efficient solution methods (applying AI and combinatorial optimisation) for them. InnoRenew CoE will also implement a simulation environment for testing and validation of the developed tool.