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An interdisciplinary approach to working with gifted pupils (integrating science, technology and the arts)

  • PROJECT TITLE: An interdisciplinary approach to working with gifted pupils (integrating science, technology and the arts)
  • PROJECT LEADER: Vesna Starman
  • PERIOD: 1. 9. 2022 – 24. 6. 2023
  • BUDGET: EUR 1,863.41
  • FINANCING: Ministry of education, science and sport
  • COORDINATOR: InnoRenew CoE (Slovenia)

Participants in the programme will learn about the principles of a supportive learning environment in which advanced students can effectively realise their potential, emphasising a balance between holistic development and development in specific areas such as cognitive, emotional and moral, social and psychomotor development, transversal skills such as teamwork, collaborative learning, digital literacy, critical thinking, creativity, initiative, challenge-solving, risk assessment, decision-making, communication, constructive emotion regulation, psychosocial development, including acceptance, self-esteem, self-responsibility and, last but not least, career development. Didactic strategies should be based on self-directed learning in learning groups or individually, encourage learning through varied, exploratory, learning activities, learning by discovery, questioning, and above all develop adaptability and willingness for lifelong flexibility, which can only be achieved through an interdisciplinary approach. Participants will learn didactic strategies for integrating science, technology, ICT and the arts, enabling the teacher to deliver lessons in an unconventional way, thus contributing to students’ mental activity and higher learning achievement.

InnoRenew CoE project activities

Through lectures, discussions and experiential workshops, InnoRenew CoE will present the causes of climate change, the impacts of natural materials on climate change, the benefits of building with wood, how the properties of wood affect the differences in processing and the use of advanced wood processing technology. In parallel, teachers will be sensitised on the characteristics of advanced learning and the needs of advanced learners, on the interdisciplinary approach to managing the activities of advanced learners, and on the characteristics of teaching through the intelligent use of ICT technologies.