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Rebuilding a Better Ukraine via the New European Bauhaus Academy (NEB Academy Hub Ukraine)

  • PROJECT CODE: Agreement number: 81307467; Project processing number: 19.2186.5-013.20
  • PROJECT TITLE: Rebuilding a Better Ukraine via the New European Bauhaus Academy (NEB Academy Hub Ukraine)
  • PROJECT TEAM: Andreja Kutnar, PhD (leader)
  • PERIOD: 01.06.2024 – 31.10.2024
  • BUDGET: 219.335,56 EUR
  • FINANCING: U-LEAD with Europe Programme implemented by GIZ. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH (Dag-Hammarskjöld-Weg 1 – 5 65760 Eschborn Federal Republic of Germany)
  • PROJECT COORDINATOR: InnoRenew CoE (Slovenia)

The Russian war in Ukraine has led to massive destruction of the natural and built environment. Rebuilding efforts can benefit from a holistic approach to reconstruction. The New European Bauhaus (NEB) provides an inclusive approach to creating a more sustainable built environment that provides broader benefits to more people. In European Union the NEB Academy (NEBA) Alliance has been established, starting in April 2024, with the goal to create high quality training courses related to the topic of built environment. In Ukraine there is currently no NEB Academy Hub that could join the NEB Academy Alliance. Therefore, the overall objective of this project is to define and create the conditions for the sustainable operation of the NEB Academy Hub in Ukraine that can join the NEB Academy Alliance and utilise the expertise and resources the NEB Academy Alliance offers.

InnoRenew CoE project activities

InnoRenew CoE will be conducting a stakeholder mapping, to identify and contact key actors from different categories, such as potential hub operators, trainers, and target audiences to receive training. The Hub operators will be existing academics, higher education or vocational training centres, chambers of commerce for architects, non governmental organizations and/or related associations. It will use the “train-the-trainers” approach, teaching local trainers about the topics of built environment and how to provide training on them. They will also co-create training materials to ensure the knowledge is relevant, understandable, and resonates with the intended groups of learners. The modern approach to building taught by the NEB Academy will aid the reconstruction effort while modernising the broader construction ecosystem in Ukraine.

Програма для України з розширення прав і можливостей на місцевому рівні, підзвітності та розвитку «U-LEAD з Європою» спільно фінансується ЄС та його державами-членами Німеччиною, Польщею, Данією та Словенією для підтримки України на її шляху до зміцнення місцевого самоврядування. U-LEAD сприяє прозорому, стійкому та підзвітному багаторівневому управлінню в Україні, яке відповідає на потреби громадян, та розширює можливості громад.

U-LEAD with Europe: Local Empowerment, Accountability and Development Programme is a multi-donor action of the EU and its member states Germany, Poland, Denmark and Slovenia to support Ukraine on its path to strengthening local self-government. U-LEAD promotes transparent, accountable and responsive multi-level governance in Ukraine and empowers municipalities.