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Multi-functionalization of wood with bio-based approach MULTI-WOOD

  • PROJECT CODE: 101067636
  • PROJECT TITLE: Multi-functionalization of wood with bio-based approach MULTI-WOOD
  • PROJECT LEADER: Rene Herrera Diaz, PhD
  • PERIOD: 01.09.2023 – 31.08.2025
  • BUDGET: € 155,559.36
  • FINANCING: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)
  • PROJECT COORDINATOR: InnoRenew CoE (Slovenia)

Wood is an attractive alternative to many traditional building solutions. As a biological material, wood is sensitive to environmental conditions and microorganisms and requires protective measures to extend its service life in outdoor applications. However, there is limited research on green alternative treatments. The EU-funded MULTI-WOOD project will develop innovative strategies to improve the four key wood properties: hygroscopicity, resistance against fire, UV, and biotic factors, based on alternative, recently underutilised bio-based formulations. The project will use alternative sources of chemicals generated during the lignocellulosic bioconversion and/or from the pulp and paper industries. The results will reduce the toxicity of the modification processes, extend service life, prolong maintenance cycles and lessen negative environmental impact.

 InnoRenew CoE project activities 

This is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowship awarded to Dr Rene Herrera Diaz to carry out the MULTI-WOOD project under the mentorship of Dr Anna Sandak within InnoRenew CoE’s materials group. In addition to his scientific contributions, Dr Herrera will mentor young researchers, organize events and manage projects under MULTI-WOOD’s umbrella at InnoRenew CoE.