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Ergonomic, adaptable, and active office furniture

This project will design, construct, and test ergonomically sound, adaptable office furniture from wood to support active working environments that promote user health and reduce the time workers spend in sedentary positions. 

Keywords: ergonomics, furniture, human health, ICT


  • Determine an appropriate set of active interventions to integrate into office furniture
  • Determine adaptability needs (e.g., height, adjustability) for the office furniture
  • Determine and develop necessary ICT integrations (integrated sensors, notification systems)
  • Develop design language and strategy in cooperation with LL members (e.g., architects)
  • Determine manufacturability in cooperation with LL members (e.g., furniture producers)
  • Produce test and demonstration units
  • Conduct long term tests to determine usability and efficacy of interventions
  • Iterate design & production
  • Determine and minimise environmental and health impacts of production, use, and reuse