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Living Lab InnoRenew Future Challenges series: How to make Slovenia sustainable with renewable materials

The first event of the Living Lab InnoRenew (LL InnoRenew) Future Challenges series, “How to make Slovenia sustainable with renewable materials”, was successful.

On Thursday, 3 October 2019, more than 45 researchers, policy makers, entrepreneurs and interested individuals met in Škocjanski zatok to discuss the role of renewable materials in sustainable development, how renewable materials contribute to human well-being and the part digitalization plays in both. Among the participants was Director-General of the Wood Industry Directorate at the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Anton Danilo Ranc.

Dr Andreja Kutnar, director of the InnoRenew CoE, welcomed everyone and expressed her excitement about numerous LL InnoRenew members from different areas of expertise joining the event in order to create new partnerships and find solutions for sustainable development.

Dr. Andreja Kutnar. Image: Lea Primožič

Kim Turk Mehes, LL InnoRenew manager, presented the living lab concept and opportunities it can offer its members. Matej Feguš, keynote speaker and owner of the company Donar, discussed creative approaches in developing sustainable innovations with integration of circular economy principles. Andro Goblon, from the Construction Cluster of Slovenia, presented business models and opportunities for Slovenian companies in the transition towards sustainable development. Four researchers from the InnoRenew CoE delivered current research findings from the fields of health, digital transformation, business models and sustainable development.

Subsequently, an interactive workshop took place. Participants, with the moderator’s help, co-created solutions for challenges important to them or for their organizations. Several intriguing ideas, including international collaboration, co-creation of smart solutions and consolidation of past experience and expertise with today’s innovation, new knowledge and technology, were discussed. Participants pointed out that steps taken should begin with collective sustainable development and put ecological needs before individual ones.

The event ended with the thought to actualize and implement the ideas developed in the workshop. The opportunity to achieve this will be given next year at an LL InnoRenew Future Challenges series event.

Future Challenges – How to make Slovenia sustainable with renewable materials