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Living Lab InnoRenew Future Challenges series: How to make Slovenia sustainable with renewable materials

On 3 October 2019, Living Lab InnoRenew (LL InnoRenew) is hosting the first event in its Future Challenges series, “How to make Slovenia sustainable with renewable materials”, which will be held in Škocjanski zatok from 13:00 to 17:00.

Throughout interesting lectures and discussions, participants will discover the role of renewable materials in sustainable development, how renewable materials contribute to human well-being and the part digitalization plays in both.

Matej Feguš, director of the company Donar, will be the keynote speaker and will present creative approaches in developing sustainable innovations with integration of circular economy principles. Four researchers from the InnoRenew CoE will then deliver the latest research findings from the fields of health, digital transformation, business models and sustainable development.

In addition, Kim Turk Mehes, LL InnoRenew manager, will discuss the living lab concept and opportunities it can offer to its members.

There will be time for individual discussion about future collaborations and ways in which the InnoRenew CoE researchers can help LL InnoRenew members transition towards sustainable processes, products and services.

Please register for the event by 26 September at

Everyone is kindly invited to attend.