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Dr. Slavec and Dr. Burnard publish data about innovation in Slovenian forestry

Last month, the Slovenian Social Science Data Archive published data from Innovation activities of Slovenian companies in the forest-based Value Chain, 2019, a study by Dr. Ana Slavec and Dr. Michael Burnard that was conducted as part of InnoRenew CoE’s start-up project Revitalisation of traditional industry: An open innovation framework for Slovenia’s furniture sector.

The study’s data and metadata are available in Slovenian and English. To access the data, users need to register; the metadata is openly available on the Slovenian Social Science Data Archive’s website.

The study’s data is based on a 2019 survey of 294 enterprises in the Slovenian wood-based value chain on the topic of their innovation activities. A report has been published on Zenodo (English and Slovenian), and an article has been published in InnoRenew CoE’s Cross-section (English and Slovenian).