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Challenges and opportunities for eco-construction in southeast Europe

The Croatian Wood Cluster organized an international workshop, “Challenges and Opportunities of Eco-construction in Southeast Europe”, in Zagreb. The opportunities of the bioeconomy were presented with a keynote lecture, “Why does cross-sectoral collaboration need a supporting bioeconomy strategy – The experience from Austria”.

The main objective of the workshop was to initiate creation of the platform, which will support development of bio-based industry and eco-construction in Croatia and other countries of the Danube region, and create proposals for eco-innovations and project ideas among relevant stakeholders by involving innovative SMEs.

Dr Črtomir Tavzes and mag. Marica Mikuljan, researchers at the InnoRenew CoE, took part in this workshop. Dr Tavzes presented the research institute and concept of REED, which is one of its key research areas. They both took the opportunity to network and meet new people to develop new collaborations.

Dr Črtomir Tavzes at the workshop. Image: Marica Mikuljan