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Last December was full of collaboration

In December our Deputy director and Research Group Leader of the Human Health in the Built Environment Dr Michael Burnard gave a guest lecture at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Architecture. Dr Burnard presented the principals of REED and biophilic design to the students. Moreover, he discussed with the representatives of the faculty interest to pursue additional mutual work on common topics.

Dr Miklós Krész, the Research Group Leader of Information and Computer Technologies participated at the Vocal Optimisation International conference on advanced algorithms in Hungary. The VOCAL conference focuses on recent advances of optimization algorithms with the aim to bring together researchers from both the theoretical and applied communities. Dr Krész presented about the framework for defining scheduling problems. Furthermore, he met with several researchers for potential common industrial optimisation projects.

The University of York hosted the kick off meeting of the COST action CA17136 Indoor Air Pollution Network. Our researcher Dr Jure Pohleven was among 129 participants of the two-day meeting. He was mostly participating in the meeting of the Working Group 3 where they decided to prepare a list of indoor air pollutants that have effects on human health.

Dr Črtomir Tavzes was in Brussels where he attended a fruitful discussion at the 46th FTP Advisory Committee Meeting. The Forest-based Sector Technology Platform (FTP) is a European Technology Platform (ETP) dedicated to the forest-based sector. It is the meeting place for industry, forest owners, and public authorities to discuss and build up a critical mass of knowledge on common research and innovation needs for the sector, and to decide on the best ways to cooperate.