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Project WI-FI-HI-FI

June 2018

Project Implementation of HI-FI sound systems in wireless network WI-FI-HI-FI was developed in the framework of projects “the creative path to knowledge” (po kreativni poti do znanja) that are aimed to foster collaboration between the higher education system and industry. Moreover, these projects offer students a possibility to gain competencies and experiences that are needed for transitioning from the school system into working life. The programme is supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and the European Union. The focus is for students to find creative and innovative solutions to practical challenges in the corporate sector. These students are guided by mentors offering expert support.

Dr Matthew Schwarzkopf, a researcher at the InnoRenew CoE is collaborating in this project as a volunteer. The market for wireless speakers that provides streaming from the web is rapidly growing. The aim of this project is to develop a new system that will be able to connect HI-FI speakers with a home network to stream high quality music and turn the system into a smart device capable of using artificial intelligence and voice control. The product will be implemented into a HI-FI active speaker that was developed by the company ARTS, which is a Slovenian company with decades of experience in audio-video support

Among the company ARTS and our center of excellence we are collaborating on this project with colleagues from the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies, from the Faculty of Management and from the Andrej Marušič Institute.


InnoRenew CoE is also collaborating on the project RecAPPture and SHINE.