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NEBA Alliance artwork

The University of Primorska organised the kick-off meeting of the project New European Bauhaus Academy Alliance – NEBA Alliance, organized at the InnoRenew CoE.

During the event, academic painter Tilen Žbona, also a professor at the Faculty of Education at the University of Primorska, created an artwork representing a series of objectives and synergies in the implementation of the New European Bauhaus.

Image: Tilen Žbona

The work, which Žbona carried out on the occasion of the NEBA Alliance kick off meeting, was created when a project partners met to exchange experiences, share views and, above all, to ask new questions and set new milestones.

The painting contains the iconographic foundations of the Western Renaissance scientific approach, treats studies of the anatomical figure as a transcendence of the invention of linear perspective, and stylistically preserves the graphic strokes of drawn and surface-derived forms, which are characterised by the canons of Leonardo Davinci’s modularities, the Sfumato, light-dark and chromatic transitions. Proportions and proportions suggest the influence of Albrercth Dürer’s exploratory drawing approach. The work of art, and thus the painting, which Žbona set up with the technique of collage, drawing and flat monochrome derivative, is read in contemporary times on two levels, firstly with the reworked form and its abstracted representation, which is also the foundation of the Bauhaus school, where, by means of the use of pictorial elements, pictorial elements for which Johhannes Itten, Rudolf Arnheim and the Gestalt theorists in particular are known, it performs the universal language of pictorial signalling, i.e. Decodification. Secondly, based on the abstracted artistic style of Informala, Žbona builds on his work with a narrative composition of symbolic figures representing a group of people and humanity in the centre of attention.