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Collaboration with University of Sopron

InnoRenew CoE actively collaborates with the University of Sopron, particularly with its Faculty of Wood Engineering and Creative Industries. The vision of InnoRenew CoE closely aligns with the one of the Hungarian faculty, fostering an active collaboration between researchers from both institutes across various domains.

Since 2019, the two organizations have been working on optimizing and scheduling wood industry processes. This collaborative effort involves partnerships with the Informatics and Mathematics Institute and InnoRenew CoE’s Information Processing Research department. The outcome of this joint work has resulted in several international conference presentations and published articles in scientific journals. Several research visits have taken place, for example a third-year student of economic informatics who collaborated on optimizing sawmilling plant processes, emphasizing the integration of practical and academic experiences in method approximation.

“We have been collaborating with the University of Sopron in various research topics over the past years,” said Dr. Balázs Dávid, InnoRenew CoE researcher, and added: “As a part of this ongoing collaboration, we are also currently hosting an undergraduate student from the university for his Erasmus Traineeship.”

Moreover, the organizations are actively engaged in joint research and scientific journal publications. Additionally, they collaborate in The New European Bauhaus Academy Hub (NEBAP Hub) activities. It serves as a platform for collaborative training on building ecosystems, covering natural-based materials, digital technologies, and an enhanced circular economy. During a survey addressing knowledge gaps and needs in the construction industry ecosystem, colleagues at InnoRenew CoE played a pivotal role in professionally translating and proofreading the Hungarian version of the questionnaire.

Scientific collaboration extends to participation in the Scientific Committee of the biannual International Hardwood Conference organized by the University of Sopron. This collaborative involvement has been instrumental in contributing to the success of the conference, with the tradition expected to persist in the 2024 event.