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Scientific article about recognizing emotions in educational videos

Nežka Sajinčič, dr. Anna Sandak, and Amy Simmons from InnoRenew CoE, together with dr. Andreja Istenič from the University of Primorska, recently published a scientific article »How do native and non-native speakers recognize emotions in the instructor’s voice in educational videos? Exploring the first step of the cognitive-affective model of e-learning for international learners,« in the journal European Journal of Psychology of Education.

The emotional stance of the instructor in an educational video can influence the learning process, and this is why in this study authors checked the link of the cognitive-affective model of e-learning, namely, whether learners can recognize emotions that an instructor expresses only with their voice. Both native and non-native speakers recognized the correct emotions (except for frustration), while native speakers rated the enthusiastic videos more positively than non-native speakers.