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Pharaon 2nd open call

The Pharaon Project, co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 857188, will offer financial support to third parties through an open call for contributions to the project.

Pharaon’s inviting small consortia of up to three partners to complete and complement the evolution process of the Pharaon Ecosystem through the following specific actions:

  1. To expand the capabilities of the Pharaon ecosystem by bringing new digital solutions and technologies that address one or more of the Pharaon Challenges
  2. To extend the reach of Pharaon beyond the boundaries of the current pilots by implementing new pilots with their own users that validate the selected digital solutions and technologies. The consortia will have to bring the new users and manage the pilot implementation and follow up.
  3. To demonstrate that the Pharaon interoperability tools provide a robust and easy-to-use framework that will facilitate Pharaon ecosystem evolution and thus its sustainability. This will be achieved through the integration of each of the selected digital solutions with the Pharaon Hub and its interoperation with at least one of the Pharaon components.

The Second Pharaon Open Call will fund consortia of up to three partners, preferably with at least one SME, with mature, digital solutions that address one or more of the Pharaon Challenges.

Each consortium will have to adapt its solution for integration with Pharaon ecosystem through the use of the Pharaon Hub and will have to carry out a small pilot that validates the solution and its Pharaon integration in real world scenarios.

The maximum budget earmarked for the financing of projects under this Open Call is EUR 2.500.000 €. The maximum eligible sub-grant amount is 200.000 € per action. This open call is expected to fund up to 15 third party projects.

All entities registered in an EU Member State or Horizon 2020 associated country are eligible to apply.

Deadline for submission is 30 September 2023

All information can be found on the Pharaon website: