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Dr. Andreja Kutnar co-author of the book “Reconstructing the Future: Cities as Carbon Sinks”

Dr. Andreja Kutnar, InnoRenew CoE director, is co-authoring the first book released by the Bauhaus Earth, “Reconstructing the Future: Cities as Carbon Sinks”.

Dr. Andreja Kutnar wrote a chapter about the critical appraisal of wood as a building material:

“I am a wood scientist and I strongly believe that an interdisciplinary approach and modern research fields need to be combined with the sustainability and sensible use of natural resources, such as wood. We need to be applying modern technologies, we should include people in the design, and we should be connecting them with nature in the new builings.”

Dr. Kutnar further explained that “regenerative sustainability is an expression that, currently, is not used enough when we are tackling climate change, however we need to go toward regeneration to be reducing the environmental harm, but also to be creating a positive impact.”

The next step should be to accelerate knowledge transfer to co-create a beautiful and sustainable built environment for all, which is perfectly in line with the New European Bauhaus initiative and ambitions of the European Green Deal. To support this endeavour, recently the NEBAcademy Pioneer Hub for Sustainable Built Environments with Renewable Materials (NEBAP Hub) was established at the University of Primorska in collaboration with the research institute InnoRenew CoE.

The book “Reconstructing the Future: Cities as Carbon Sinks”, edited by Hans Joachim Schellnhuber and Rocío Armillas Tiseyra, emerges from the Reconstructing the Future for People and Planet conference, held at Vatican City, in June 2022. Dr. Andreja Kutnar was actively participating at this conference, which goal was to share knowledge and ideas about how to help phase out greenhouse gas emissions in the building sector by 2050, and to contribute to the restoration of the global climate by 2200.

The book is now available as a free download online!