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Scientific article about air quality monitoring

Dr. Michael Mrissa, Aleksandar Tošić, Niki Hrovatin, Sidra Aslam, Dr. Balázs Dávid, Dr. László Hajdu, Dr. Miklós Krész, InnoRenew CoE researchers from the ICT group, together with Andrej Brodnik and Branko Kavšek from the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies at the University of Primorska, recently published a scientific article, “Privacy-Aware and Secure Decentralized Air Quality Monitoring”, in Applied Sciences.

“Indoor air quality monitoring is a major asset to improving quality of life and building management,” the authors state in the article.

The paper presents an integrated framework that features distributed storage, blockchain-based Role-based Access Control, onion routing, routing and sink placement optimization and distributed data mining to answer these concerns.

The research undertaken within the framework of the “Autonomic edge computing for air quality monitoring” project, financed by the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS).