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InnoRenew CoE received an EFQM certificate for business excellence

On Tuesday, 22 February 2022, InnoRenew CoE received the Recognized by EFQM 4 Star certificate for business excellence. Rok Capl, acting director of SPIRIT Slovenia, presented the award to the research institute during a ceremony attended by Dr. Simona Kustec, Slovenia’s Minister of Education, Science and Sport, Danilo Markočič, Mayor of Izola, and Aleš Bržan, Mayor of Koper.

InnoRenew CoE applied for the Republic of Slovenia’s 2021 Business Excellence award as the institute is aware that getting the most out of their scientific and outreach work requires supportive management practices. InnoRenew CoE received an EFQM evaluation and proudly obtained the Recognized by EFQM 4 Star certificate for business excellence.

“The EFQM certificate for business excellence is an important step for us in achieving quality, both in creating a working environment and in relation to our partners,” Dr. Andreja Kutnar, InnoRenew CoE director, said. Through external independent audit, InnoRenew CoE has gained important confirmation of the quality of its business.

Rok Capl, Dr. Andreja Kutnar. Image: Amy Simmons

“Based on a partnership agreement with EFQM, we only award international certificates to exceptional organizations in the field of business excellence. You can now actively take on the role of a promoter of excellence between scientific research institutions and beyond,” Rok Capl, SPIRIT Slovenia acting director, who awarded the certificate, added.

The Republic of Slovenia Ministry of Education, Science and Sport supports scientific research organizations that value effective management, which — among other things — enables optimal use of public funds allocated by the ministry to increase knowledge, experience, competencies and innovation of society as a whole.

Dr. Simona Kustec, minister of Education, Science and Sport. Image: Amy Simmons

“InnoRenew CoE is an increasingly solid, internationally integrated, excellent and programmatically diverse research story that is becoming increasingly recognizable in the wider research environment at home and around the world. You work resolutely, cohesively, interdisciplinary, in cooperation with the economy and on topics that are co-responsible for our future,” Minister Dr. Simona Kustec said.

Dr. Simona Kustec, minister of Education, Science and Sport and dr. Andreja Kutnar. Image: Lea Primožič

InnoRenew CoE’s work is highly interdisciplinary and connects experts who create new knowledge in renewable materials and sustainable construction. The institute’s research involves psychologists, applied kinesiologists, chemists and wood scientists, among others, and employs 69 professionals who come from 19 countries across Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.

The EFQM guidance and recommendations InnoRenew CoE received are currently being implemented and will help to improve their business and administrative support activities.

SPIRIT Slovenia organized the event in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology at InnoRenew CoE’s new building in Izola.