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Dr Šušteršič on cultural heritage

Dr Iztok Šušteršič, an InnoRenew CoE research group leader, attended an event about heritage science as an instrument of connection between disciplines on 17 June 2021. His presentation was about how InnoRenew CoE deals with cultural heritage.

“The built environment has far-reaching environmental impacts, and due to climate change, we are becoming more and more aware,” Dr Šušteršič said.

“In order to preserve buildings, it is necessary to ensure its continuous use and the consequent regular maintenance. However, this is often not possible without at least minimal adaptations of buildings to today’s wishes and needs, which leads to a comprehensive renovation of cultural heritage buildings. The biggest challenge is therefore to ensure a good enough compromise between the protection of monumental values and the modern wishes and needs that the continuous use of architectural heritage must satisfy.”

The event was organized by the Council for Development at SAZU.