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New scientific article about waste wood processing

Dr Balázs Dávid, InnoRenew CoE researcher from the ICT research group, together with colleagues from the Széchenyi István University in Hungary and the Institute of Informatics and Mathematics at the University of Sopron, Hungary, recently published an article, “Robust Scheduling of Waste Wood Processing Plants with Uncertain Delivery Sources and Quality”, in Sustainability, an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal.

“In this paper, we studied the robust multi-objective mixed-integer linear programming model for the optimization of waste wood processes,” Dr Dávid said. “In this process, it is important to set scheduling of the various machines and to treat incoming wood deliveries with multiple sources and varying quality appropriately.”

Further, an exhaustive study was performed on instance sets of different sizes and structures to show the efficiency and limits of the proposed model both in single- and multi-objective cases.