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The New European Bauhaus Conference

The New European Bauhaus Conference took place on 22 and 23 April. As a new partner in the effort, InnoRenew CoE was invited to participate in a workshop to co-design the New European Bauhaus approach to Regenerating Construction Ecosystems.

Dr Michael Burnard participated in the workshop where he emphasised the need to focus on increasing the use of renewable materials, maintain efforts to improve occupant wellbeing, and to ensure the construction sector is aided during the transition through training, research, and innovation support.

“The event was a great opportunity to speak with other experts about the ways we can improve the built environment – and the process we go through to create it – to achieve sustainability, inclusion, and wellbeing goals,” said Dr Burnard. “I was pleased that the group discussed interdisciplinary approaches, circularity, and design for disassembly. If we embed these key values in the New European Bauhaus, we have a better chance of reaching the sustainability goals we all know are necessary to mitigate Climate Change.”