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InnoRenew CoE celebrates 4th anniversary with commitment to sustainable development

InnoRenew CoE is continuing with its commitment, made last year in a signed letter of intent, to plant oak trees, some of which have already been symbolically planted in Izola, Slovenia. This year, to mark the institute’s fourth anniversary, the remaining oaks were planted in Baredi, Izola.

Planted oak trees. Image: InnoRenew CoE

“Care for the environment is of great importance to InnoRenew CoE, and in all our actions we strive to contribute our part for climate change mitigation and societal sustainable development,” said Dr Andreja Kutnar, InnoRenew CoE director.

Forests cover almost 60 percent of Slovenia’s surface area, making the country the third most forested in Europe. Planting trees can positively affect climate change, reduce carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere and regulate emissions caused by human actions.

The new InnoRenew CoE building will be completed by September 2021. For its construction, 870 cubic meters of wood will be used, which is approximately the size of 160 adult oak trees like the ones planted in the framework of this action. Expected life and growth for these oaks is 200 years, and in this time, their wood growth and carbon dioxide storage will directly offset the carbon imprint of the InnoRenew CoE building.

The Municipality of Izola, Slovenia Forest Service, Slovenian state forests, Komunala Izola, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport joined InnoRenew CoE in this action.

Planted oak trees. Image: InnoRenew CoE

In 2009, the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia adopted the Declaration on Slovenia’s Active Role in the Formation of a New World Climate Change Policy (DeONSPPS) that sets out the country’s general positions on climate change. In doing so, Slovenia has committed to the principles of sustainable development, which represent the present generation’s pledge to improve options for future generations. Slovenia is fulfilling this commitment through the sustainable management of natural resources, including forests, and InnoRenew CoE is among the key active stakeholders.