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InnoRenew CoE launches Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Built Environment

InnoRenew CoE has launched Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Built Environment (IPBE), an open access journal that publishes peer-reviewed research at the nexus of sustainability, health and the built environment.

Researchers are welcome to contribute their original findings, reviews, short communications and registered reports on emerging science and innovation in renewable materials, sustainable design and bio-based technologies.

The first article, “A Review of Wood Modification Globally – Updated Findings from COST FP1407”, prepared by Dennis Jones and Dick Sandberg, is available to read free of charge on IPBE’s webpage.

Visit IPBE webpage to submit your work and join InnoRenew CoE in the journey towards co-creating a better and more sustainable environment.

Jones, D., & Sandberg, D. (2020). A Review of Wood Modification Globally–Updated Findings from COST FP1407. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Built Environment.