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InnoRenew CoE partners with Sever on guitar necks made from densified poplar

InnoRenew CoE researchers are exploring if poplar wood can be used in musical instruments such as the electric guitar. However, native poplar wood has physical limitations; therefore, InnoRenew CoE researchers are testing densified poplar wood for use in the guitar neck.

Sever, a company that produces guitars, is a partner in this project. At the introductory meeting between InnoRenew CoE and Sever, representatives from both organizations discussed the main objectives and planned work as well as how their cooperation will contribute to the development of this project. The general idea is to understand the advantages of using densified poplar wood instead of the wood species currently used.

“Now we have to make the experiment work, and we are all looking forward to seeing the results,” said Dr Rok Prislan, InnoRenew CoE researcher.