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Dr Schau an Environmental Footprint Technical Advisory Board member

The Environmental Footprint Technical Advisory Board has been formally transformed into an official expert group of the European Commission.

Dr Erwin M. Schau, InnoRenew CoE researcher in life cycle assessment (LCA) and industrial ecology, has been a member of this group for several years. The Environmental Footprint Technical Advisory Board meets three times per year and provides the European Commission with advice and expertise on technical issues related to the Product and Organization Environmental Footprint methods (PEF/OEF). This includes advice and expertise related to the development of PEF category rules and OEF sector rules and new methodological developments.

“I am very happy to be part of this because not only can I contribute to new methodological developments within the Environmental Footprint/LCA in Europe but also learn a lot and influence the EU in a more environmental sound direction,” said Dr Schau.

To register and become a member, you can apply to the call at any time. In this way, the Commission is ensuring transparency of its activities.