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InnoRenew CoE hosted first InnoRenew project partners meeting of 2020

On Monday, 13 January 2020, InnoRenew CoE hosted the year’s first InnoRenew project partners meeting in Koper.

The meeting’s main purpose was to discuss Work Package 6 (WP6), which includes the project’s eight start-up projects: Advanced materials for cultural heritage storage; Evaluation of fire effluents with respect to ecotoxicity; Building Information Modelling; Innovative Connections for CLT Buildings; Ergonomic, adaptable, and active office furniture; Revitalisation of traditional industry: An open innovation framework for Slovenia’s furniture sector; Materials for Energy Efficient Buildings and Development of formaldehyde-free fibreboards. Each partner presented research methods and results with an indication of follow up research activities for the start-up projects.

Dr. Andreja Kutnar, InnoRenew CoE director, then gave an overview of WP6 and presented its upcoming deliverable.

Dr. Nejc Šarabon. Image: Amy Simmons

The day ended with a General Assembly meeting where work in all work packages was summarized and presented and the upcoming periodic technical report deliverable was discussed.