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The InnoRenew CoE is collaborating with Academy of Fine Arts and Design student

Nina Škerjanc is a bachelor’s student from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design at the University of Ljubljana. The InnoRenew CoE is hosting her in one of their laboratories as she prepares her thesis. In her studies, she focuses on industrial design, and she chose the topic of designing products from bio-composite materials for her final thesis.

Marica Mikuljan, the InnoRenew CoE assistant researcher is helping and advising Nina in her lab work, as she is the thesis co-adviser. In particular, Marica is helping in the development of biocompatible materials and technological preparation of products. Marica introduced Nina to the topic of bio-composite materials with introductory lectures on individual components of composites and their use. Further, they will focus on practical skills and composite manufacturing technologies.

Nina Škerjanc and Marica Mikuljan in the lab. Image: Marica Mikuljan