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Dr Igor Gavrić attended CEN/TC 250: Structural Eurocodes in Norway

In March 2019, Dr Igor Gavrić attended the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) technical committee meeting in Oslo, hosted by Standards Norway the Norwegian national institute for standardisation.

A draft of a new generation of European structural design standards is being prepared within the CEN Technical Committee 250 (CEN/TC250) – Structural Eurocodes. Eurocodes are standards that define principles and rules to ensure the safety, serviceability and durability of buildings. Eurocodes also describe the basics of building structural design and verification as well as provide guidelines for achieving the stated aspects of structural reliability.

Dr Gavrić and Dr Iztok Šušteršič recently became members of the Slovenian Institute for Standardisation (SIST) national technical committee SIST/TC KON – Structures, which is responsible for preparation of Slovenian national standards and international collaboration to formulate standards on the European and international level.

In addition, they became national representatives within Work Group 3 of CEN Technical Committee 250 (CEN/TC 250/SC 8/WG 3), which is responsible for preparation of a new generation of Eurocode 8 – Earthquake resistance design of structures – Timber structures. Within this work group, they are collaborating on preparation of new procedures for structural design of timber buildings in seismic areas.


CEN/TC meeting. Image: Igor Gavrić