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The InnoRenew CoE at VIROEXPO 2019

VIROEXPO 2019, the 24th international fair of economy, crafts and agriculture, took place between 15th and 17th March 2019 in the Croatian city of Virovitica. This year, the Republic of Slovenia was the fair’s partner country, therefore, an economic forum, “How to do business with the Republic of Slovenia”, was held within the framework of the fair. The main goal was to learn about characteristics of the economy in the Virovitiška-podravska municipality, understand ways of successful cooperation between the Republic of Slovenia and the neighbouring Republic of Croatia and discover how craftsmen and businessmen operate in Slovenia. Participants had the chance to listen to many possibilities for successful cooperation and partnership between the two countries.

The forum opened with welcoming words from Igor Andrović, mayor of the Virovitiška-podravska municipality. Among the speakers were Smiljana Knez, Slovenian ambassador in Croatia, and Tomislav Tolušić, Croatian minister for agriculture.

Kim Turk Mehes, Living Lab InnoRenew manager and policy consultant, and Dr Črtomir Tavzes, researcher at the InnoRenew CoE, could not miss this opportunity and travelled to VIROEXPO 2019 to actively participate in the forum. In the section dedicated to business collaboration with the Republic of Slovenia, Kim presented examples of good practice between Slovenian and Croatian companies and how the InnoRenew CoE manages this through activities in their Living Laboratory.

Dr Črtomir Tavzes and Kim turk Mehes. Image: the InnoRenew CoE

Representatives of the InnoRenew CoE also had an excellent opportunity to meet and discuss with colleagues at the Panonski drvni centar kompetencija (Pannonian Wood Competence Center). They concluded that the core activities of both organizations are complementary, and, consequently, a successful collaboration is expected in the future.


Image: Črtomir Tavzes