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The InnoRenew CoE researchers in Brno at COST Action PortASAP workshop

October 2018

The COST Action CA16215 – European network for the promotion of portable, affordable and simple analytical platforms PortAsap organized a workshop about capillary electrophoresis instruments in Brno. Attendees and researchers showed the applied analytical methods that they use in this field and also presented the software and microcomputers that they created and used for the analytics.

Our researcher Dr Jakub Sandak has studied the principles of the capillary electrophoresis as an analytical technique suitable for implementation in the research projects conducted at the InnoRenew CoE. At the workshop, he proposed to build the prototype instrument on the basis of the open hardware and software principles. Moreover, our assistant researchers from the ICT research group Balázs Dávid and László Hajdu attended the workshop where they received great knowledge about the development process and programming of software and computers which will be very useful when developing or controlling our own sensors for our InnoRenew CoE projects.

We are looking forward to turning the new gained knowledge into practice.