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InnoRenew CoE met with regional administrative units

The InnoRenew CoE is committed to interdisciplinarity and internationality. In order to achieve excellence in diverse areas related to wood, the main material of their research, a wide range of professionals are needed. Therefore, in addition to wood scientists, the team includes civil engineers, computer scientists, IT professionals, biologists, chemists, psychologists, and kinesiologists. Almost half of the employees come from abroad. The employment process for non-Slovene employees represents a big administrative task for the InnoRenew CoE and collaboration with local administrative units is needed.

This is why, on 15th March 2018, the InnoRenew CoE organized a workshop at the University of Primorska to meet with representatives from local and regional administrative units. At the workshop, the InnoRenew CoE hiring plan and difficulty when hiring employees beyond the EU was presented. Representatives of the administrative units shared their point of view, discussed their regulations, and gave important insight and guidelines into how the hiring process of non-EU citizens can be facilitated.

The workshop was useful and successful as both parties learned about each other’s work.