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October 2017 events and activities in Slovenia

October, 2017


Slovenia has a lot of successful companies that we look forward to meet and to discuss with about possible collaborations. However, we already started working with some important actors in our key research areas.

Our researcher Dr Jan Weckendorf visited one of the founders of InnoRenew CoEZAG (Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute) in Ljubljana. They had a critical discussion about an InnoRenew CoE start-up project involving connections for CLT structures. Moreover, the hosts – Boris Azinović (ZAG), and Miha Kramar (ZAG), offered a tour in their testing laboratory.

Dr Jakub Sandak actively participated in the international woodworking festival – Wood icon 2017. He had a presentation on the implementation of IT techniques in modern wood processing factories. He met with many other conference participants. Barbara Rovere, an assistant researcher and project manager, at InnoRenew CoE presented our centre of excellence and the forest sector value chains at the conference ChIMERA Project – Cultural & Creative industries at the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana.

Check our activities abroad and keep following our news –November seems promising!