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1st Council of Experts meeting

16. – 17. October 2017

InnoRenew CoE organized and hosted the 1st Council of Experts meeting. The 2 day meeting took place in Izola.

The main task of the Council of Experts is to provide scientific advice and to foster strategy development for the newly established centre of excellence, InnoRenew CoE. The Council of Experts has 6 members:

At the meeting, the Council of Experts successfully defined in detail the main duties of the members and determined they will meet several times a year to be engaged at a high level. The experts expressed their desire to provide guidance as we grow and to collaborate with InnoRenew CoE. In addition they appointed the Chair of the Council of Experts – Mr. Duncan Mayes and the Vice Chair – Dr. Mariapaola Riggio.

The director of InnoRenew CoE, Dr. Andreja Kutnar, introduced the InnoRenew research team, global experts, and support staff, and she presented the research plan and research work that has already started.

The members of the council provided critical feedback on the research plan and the business strategy of the centre. They suggested some important points that will strengthen the ongoing development of InnoRenew CoE.

Dr. Andreja Kutnar also presented the members of InnoRenew CoE’s Executive Board. In fact, the next day was dedicated to a meeting between the Council of Experts and the Executive Board. They talked about the development of InnoRenew CoE and the overall strategy of the centre with special emphasis on its relevance to the markets.

We look forward to continued collaboration with the Council of Experts as we grow our research centre.