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Forest and Wood Conference at the Slovenian Forestry Institute

24. May 2017


InnoRenew CoE was happy to participate in the Forest and Wood Conference at the Slovenian Forestry Institute and celebrate their 70-year anniversary. Congratulations!

Marko Posavčević presented about Nature and Human Health in the Built Environment, specifically about Restorative environmental and ergonomic design (REED), one of the key research areas of InnoRenew CoE, and about the work of InnoRenew CoE in general.

In the ensuing debate at the organised roundtable, the participants made a thorough review of the RDI efforts in Slovenia. The position of the established institutions in the light of ever decreasing public funds for these purposes was discussed, and several conclusions made as a recommendation to the public policy of forest-based sector decision makers.

According to their website: ‘The Slovenian Forestry Institute is a public research institute of national importance, which conducts basic and applied research on forests and forest landscapes, forest ecosystems, wildlife ecology, hunting, forest management, and other uses of the resources and services forests provide. The scientific knowledge from these fields helps further the research on forest biodiversity and its management in relation to climate change.‘

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