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Science|Business: R&D in Slovenia

20. March 2017


On March 16, Science|Business published an article about research & development in Slovenia, using the example of InnoRenew CoE to demonstrate that despite a relative lack of funding from the government, Slovenia can be a land of opportunity for researchers.

Because of low government investment into R&D, especially in the commercialisation of research, EU grants play an important role among Slovenian universities and research institutions. This is where the article cites Dr. Andreja Kutnar’s enthusiasm and perseverance as key for her team’s success in obtaining Horizon 2020 funding for the InnoRenew project and CoE: ‘You have to have the willingness to do more than you are supposed to.

The article concludes on a positive note: despite the West-East funding asymmetry, Slovenian policy makers are showing signs that they are ready to try to commit more funding to research and innovation, in an attempt to curtail the effects of the brain drain affecting Eastern Europe since the 1990s.

Our team at InnoRenew thinks that Slovenia is a great place to do research!

Read the full article (in English).