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‘Paramount Questions & Issues of Horizon 2020 & the Upcoming FP9’ Event

13. April 2017


We are honoured to have participated in the roundtable discussion at ‘Paramount questions & Issues of Horizon 2020 & the upcoming FP9’ event in Brussels, organised by the Slovenian Business & Research Association (SBRA) and University of Ljubljana. As the year 2020 draws closer, the EU must prepare a new framework programme for science and innovation to replace the current Horizon 2020. To do this successfully, it has asked its member countries to provide their input and suggestions about the current and future programmes. The conference was organized to prepare Slovenia’s response to this request, but also aimed at presenting the SBRA and its Slovenian partners as potential participants in various European research programmes.

The conference included presentations by:

As Acting Director at InnoRenew CoE, Slovenia’s winning Teaming project, Dr. Andreja Kutnar presented suggestions for improvements of the Widening instruments, especially Teaming.

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