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InnoRenew CoE visited Lumar, BOKU and Wood K plus

InnoRenew CoE employees attended a professional excursion where they visited the company Lumar, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) and Wood K plus.

Lumar is the leading Slovenian manufacturer of nearly zero-energy houses, providing innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. InnoRenew CoE employees meet with company representatives and learned  about their work and production processes. Later they visited also the production site of prefabricated houses.

Following they continued with a visit of BOKU and Wood K plus where they meet with researchers who presented their institute, main research areas and projects. Additionally, they toured their laboratories and highlighted some of the research equipment used to perform research activities in the field of wood and forestry technologies. During the tour they displayed also the products resulting from their research and emphasized how they produced such materials or composites, the machinery used and the resulting advantages of their research results.

The visit ended with a roundtable discussion about respective research projects and discussions about new ideas for future joint proposals.