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Scientific article about exploring fungal species on wood surfaces coated with biofinish

Faksawat Poohphajai, Ana Gubenšek, Anja Černoša, dr. Karen Butina Ogorelec, dr. Jakub Sandak and dr. Anna Sandak, InnoRenew CoE researchers, together with dr. Lauri Rautkari from Aalto University, recently published a scientific article “Bioinspired Living Coating System for Wood Protection: Exploring Fungal Species on Wood Surfaces Coated with Biofinish during Its Service Life,” in Coatings.

Biofinish is an innovative wood protection system inspired by biological processes. Living cells of the fungus Aureobasidium pullulans effectively protect wood from deterioration caused by other decaying fungi. In this study researchers aimed to explore fungal species colonising surfaces exposed to natural weathering and assess the survival of A. pullulans on wood surfaces coated with Biofinish during its in-service period.

Coatings is an open access journal with an impact factor of 3.4 and a CiteScore of 4.7.