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Dr. Anna Sandak and Dr. René Herrera Díaz are Topic editors in Frontiers in Chemistry journal

Dr. Anna Sandak, InnoRenew CoE Deputy director and head of Materials research department, together with Dr. René Herrera Díaz, InnoRenew CoE researcher and Dr. Oihana Gordobil from the University of the Basque Country, are Topic Editors for Lignin-based Micro- and Nano-entities: Functionalities and Applications, which is part of the Frontiers in Chemistry journal.

Original Research, Review, Mini Review and Perspective articles on themes including novel methods for the production of nanoparticles from lignin, integration of nanochemistry to control material properties, development of methodologies to study interactions of lignin-based nanomaterials and related mechanisms, synthesis of lignin-based hybrid materials, and applications of lignin-based entities in different fields, are welcome.

You can submit the summary of your manuscript until 17 June 2024, and manuscript submission deadline is on 05 October 2024.

Read here for more information:–and-nano-entities-functionalities-and-applications